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Yoshi Faithful's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Yoshi Faithful

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Hello? Is there anyone alive out there!? [16 Apr 2008|07:35pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hmm... guess I maybe the only one lol xD.
Well, Yoshi's in Brawl, as we know, actting all cute for his audience (when he first appears... sqee x3) 
But I'm pretty upset that his recovery move has been shorten and Yoshi seems to have become more weaker. But his final smash pwns! >:D It kinda like he is saying "Bow before me for I am your master" or " You calling me weak? What do you think of me now, beatch >:3". 
Meh...trying to keep this thing alive, lol.  

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ATTENTION ALL YOSHI FANS!!! [18 Aug 2006|08:36am]

I have some great news, are beloved Yoshi will star in Mario Hoops 3 on 3. Proof? I found this images from Gamehikers.


Also starring this game is none other then...FF characters? There's Cactuar, White Mage, Black Mage *YEAH!*, Fighter and Moogle (or is it Kupo). 

I don't know about you guys, but I am totally getting this game!
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Yoshi in "The Legend of Zelda" [15 Apr 2006|10:43pm]

Hey! It's me again, and I think you people need to post here more often. It's like a ghost-town here.

Anyway, I keep having this crazy idea. What do you guys think about Yoshi being in "The Legend of Zelda" series. I think Yoshi would make a better buddy for Link than Epona. Yoshi and jump higher and eat all of the baddies.

What do you think? :3
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[09 Apr 2006|01:25pm]

Hello! You may not know me because I'm new, but I am a big fan of Yoshi. I have also joined your community if you didn't mind.

I always use Yoshi at least once whenever I play a Mario Kart or Smash Bros. game. I also have most of the Nintendo systems as well.

I hope that I can be friends with you all.
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[03 Jun 2005|12:44am]

vote for gannon please at http://www.gamefaqs.com
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Zelda? [12 May 2005|01:44pm]

anyone like Zelda here?

i really like zelda, so i made a forum about zelda (http://s11.invisionfree.com/Hyrule_Town/index.php?act=idx) i really need members and i was hoping some of you would like to join. i also need fanart of anything nintendo and some fanfics!
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Hi. (^_^) [12 Nov 2004|04:57pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I hope you don't mind me joining in here. I just really love Yoshi! Yoshi is awesome and he is really cute and cuddly. You know, I think green is my favorite color because of green yoshi! (^.^)
I love yoshi so much, I even made fan art of him! Here's my fan site to see it:

I had to make these on the paint program on my computer because I don't have a scanner. I hope you like these pictures anyway.<:)

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yoshi avatar? [20 May 2004|04:26am]

[ mood | crazy ]

hi all! im new soheres a lil about me:im a raver,and have been playing Mario bros since i was 4
(now 15)

I was wondering if any of you nice ppl would pleeeasse make me a yoshi avatar?!

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Just thought I'd share.. [02 Mar 2004|09:13pm]

Another yoshi community! yoshies ! :D Since this one is kind of quiet.

-= q =-
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Wooo.... [16 Feb 2004|01:11am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I figured as long as I'm on LJ I should start joining some communities, lol. Yeah, I'm a n00b around these parts but several of you probably know me already from random places or heard of me. I'm a random online friend of Elzie, colored her 1337 yoshi avatar. ^_^

/me huggles elzie and the frozen yoshi

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the yosh [31 Jan 2004|04:38pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

heyo! i'm a huge yoshi fan and actually i'm getting a yoshi tattoo in a month or so! huzzah! i just joined so i thought i would drop a line! ^_^

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Yoshi! [27 Jan 2004|07:17pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello, everyone. New member. Yay! I never thought there'd be a Yoshi community. Hahaha.

Well, ummm... to start shit off...

I've been playing Yoshi's Island for SNES alot lately, and I beat it. One thing, though... ALL THE DATA IN THE GAME IS LOST! So, I'm trying to beat it again. Grrrrrr.

Oh yeah, and I like Birdo, too. I like lots of Mario games; they're the only games I really enjoy playing.

Hmmm... well, that's enough, I guess.


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Yoshida Here! [05 Jan 2004|06:23pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey, My name is Yoshida. I am a green Yoshi I am trying to get to know fellow Yoshis and Yoshi fans alike.

I kinda had a rough past, but things have been better.

(OOC: Go check out some drawings of Yoshida I drew, on teh website posted on my info page. I have been improving. I admit, I haven't updated for a while, but i did improve ^_^)

Well, Yeah. Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself! ^_^

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Oh the love!!! [31 Dec 2003|12:40am]

[ mood | amused ]

I think I love you people, as I love Yoshi.

I join! New member. ^_^

My twenty-one Yoshi plush salute you!! (I've been collecting for a long time. Some are missing tags because they were played with, but I love them all to death. I should take a picture for ya'll. It's like...an insane mini-army! 'Rawr' with eggs!!!)

Peace, Love, Pocky & Pink Tomatoes,
Sami Kei.

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I <3 Teh Yoshi. XD [06 Dec 2003|11:16am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yo, everyone, I'm a new member. I love Yoshi, because he's so cute. This is just the coolest community. As you can see, I love pink Yoshis. Well, until later, all you cool people, you. XD

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<3 [02 Dec 2003|03:09am]

[ mood | happy ]

I though you guys would appriciate this. :DCollapse )

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Yoshi! [02 Dec 2003|02:20am]

[ mood | --- ]


Checkit out!

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This is amazing! [25 Nov 2003|12:39am]

[ mood | awake ]

I am so happy. ;__; A Yoshi community.
Back a while ago, I used to be obsessed with Super Smash Brothers, and I started making that 'Ow-wowooww!" sound Yoshi makes in it... And then it became my nickname at ze raves. o= Yarh!

Poop eggs!

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[18 Nov 2003|01:35pm]

I would just like to say that my name is Yoshi. I do believe that is all :D.
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