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I <3 my yoshis! Yus I do!
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Holy shaith where did u get them?!
The big one, medium one, and small one I all got off of ebay in the last two months. The one on the right that looks well.. different from the others I got when I was younger. You squeeze his hand and he goes 'Du-du du-du du.' :D He's cute even if he's not as cute as my other ones. ^^;; The big one was 85 with shipping, and the medium one was about 40 with shipping. Just so you know.
LOL PARTY HARD. I've wanted that Large Plush from Super Mario Sunshine for awhile, but I haven't seen it for less than 30 bucks. :(

Oh! I have a picture of my desk from my dorm room ^_^

Awwww! You have a little black yoshi! I want one of those, and a white one too. *drools*
I love your plush dolls. They are so cute! X3

Oh, and I'm new here, but I am a big fan of Yoshi. *Hugs Yoshi*