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I <3 my yoshis! Yus I do!
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Holy shaith where did u get them?!
The big one, medium one, and small one I all got off of ebay in the last two months. The one on the right that looks well.. different from the others I got when I was younger. You squeeze his hand and he goes 'Du-du du-du du.' :D He's cute even if he's not as cute as my other ones. ^^;; The big one was 85 with shipping, and the medium one was about 40 with shipping. Just so you know.

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Awwww! You have a little black yoshi! I want one of those, and a white one too. *drools*
I love your plush dolls. They are so cute! X3

Oh, and I'm new here, but I am a big fan of Yoshi. *Hugs Yoshi*